Legends say, "You got to move ahead in the light of your dreams in order to be successful in your life". The very notion in the mind of young grad, Mr. Anjesh Kumar to head over on to an entrepreneurial journey. The path was initially very tough, which always is if you are fighting against the prevailing odds.

Perceiving Opportunity Underneath the Challenge:

Real estate has been an all time un-organized affair in major geographies. This was the very basic challenge, But, the opportunity can only be perceived by the ones who take a shot in the darkness and try changing the status quo. Talking about the initial days, Anjesh says- "Since after my college I had a dream of raising an enterprise. I ran to many investors with few ideas for almost 4 years. Later, I realized that no body just believes whatever you say. They believe when you start doing it. When I knew that at such infant stage, No bossy is going to invest then I thought to earn by us. We started with a small project of Land Development to create some funds. While handing over the project I realized that this marked has huge demand if it is given an ethical and trustworthy shape".

The Godfather walks In:

Anjesh approached one of his uncle Mr. Sulav Kumar Singh, who had been very supportive in all his endeavors and is currently the co-founder of the company. They set of to sail in this sector and couldn't find there first prospective client for long time. They stated working together, handling all the operations on their own. Later down the line when things started to fall into place, they scaled up their team further. By January 2015, they had a team of 12 members and this is gradually growing further. Currently they have 42 employees on-board along with dedicated network of 67 associate network partners.

Red-Brick USP:

For every business to succeed, there ought to exist some USP. Anjesh & Sulav believed in creating a trust worthy eco-system in the real estate sector. They invested themselves into offering better land development solutions to the clients. It's well said that your customers are your real assets and RedBricks stands up on this very moto. Offering better land development opportunities for owners and getting best returns to the investors are what paved their growth curve. RedBrick is also involved into wealth management services such as mutual funds, insurance, deposits and equity solutions. Redbrick is the first company that transformed the real estate industry in plotted development in Bihar and shaped it into a more professional and organized market. The company now has an influential presence in offline as well as online real estate space.

Path Ahead: 
Currently, Redbrick is in growth spree and is focusing on the following in up-coming quarters:

1) Add more product and avenues of Wealth Management.
2) Develop 5000 Affordable Homes till 2027.
3) Adding hundreds of micro investors/customers.

Point of contact: 

Phone: + 91-612 22 77 666
Email: info@redbrickzone.com